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Hey Newgrounds,

my girlfriend is a big fan of ever after high and i like to make her a special gift for her birthday:

A Picture of her in "ever after igh style!"


Who is able to make a painting like that, of course i pay his/her usual price fpr comissions.


Pleas leave a comment or send me a PM!


looking forwar hearing from you!

Waiting for The Old Republik

2011-12-13 06:44:59 by Wurzelputz


My CE is on the way and iám waiting to start playing......

Maybe... i chould cut off my real life? :-)

New song out

2011-05-29 15:28:06 by Wurzelputz

Hi guys,

Today my friend Ulli showed me his new song he made.
In my opinion it´s a very beautiful creation and could be used in many ways.

So we desided to submit it on Newgrounds.

Enjoy the song and give me a review wether you like it or not!

Here it is!

Searching for an animator

2010-12-11 11:00:43 by Wurzelputz

I´m searching for an animator for my songs.
I thougt about Tom`s latest post on frontpage and in my opinion he is totally right.

So if you like my music, tell me your ideas of making an animation!

Happy Birthday Chuck!

2010-03-10 14:14:20 by Wurzelputz

Hey guys,

Today is Chuck Norris 70th Birthday!


What do you think about?

Happy Birthday Chuck!

New songs out!!

2008-10-10 08:14:15 by Wurzelputz

Hi Guys,
I loaded up some new songs, so check this stuff out and give me your comments wether you like it or not!
I`m looking forward to read your comments.


New songs out!!

Hi There!

2008-07-20 12:20:33 by Wurzelputz

Hi There everybody,

In a few weeks i like to load up some audio files to the audio portal.

stay tuned

Now my first audio file is online, I think its a good background music for flash games. So...
just listen ;-)